De Cecco (Whole Wheat) Penne Rigate n.41 (VIP1041)

About the Product
•Made in the Majells National Park, Italy. Produced with pure, natural spring water. Slowly dried the old fashioned way. Pasta made of Semolina. The natural choice.
•Made From 100% Whole Wheat
•Organic Whole Wheat Pasta – Penne Rigate All the De Cecco wholemeal pasta is made according to the original De Cecco system. Many pasta companies make

wholemeal pasta subjecting the wheat meal to a thermal treatment before the actual pasta-making to prevent fat degradation. Whereas in De Cecco we follow our own special method to obtain the wheat meal and use the low temperature desiccation to preserve all the fiber proprieties, mingling to the sweet fragrance of the wheat and thus straight onto your table. Penne rigate belong to the short diagonal cut pasta family, Penne rigate originate from Campania. The diameter of their section is about 8 mm and they are generally about la 50 mm long.Penne rigate are perfect for baked casseroles with pork and viel sauces. Excellent for vegetable sauces with peppers, courgettes and artichokes.

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