Stumptown Coffee Organic Sumatra Indonesia


Easily the best Sumatran coffee we’ve tasted all year.
It will change the way you think about Indonesian coffee.

Cranberry, Sage & Pineapple
Unmistakable Indonesian earthiness but with distinct clarity and dried fruit sweetness.
If you like a big-bodied cup, this one’s for you.

Producer: Ketiara Cooperative
Ibu Rahmah is the Chairwoman for Ketiara which prides itself upon remaining a female led cooperative that redefines what Indonesian coffee can be – it produces some of the cleanest, sweetest Indonesian coffee around.

Region: Takengon district of Indonesia
This lot comes from the Bies Penantan community.
In addition to coffee, the group grows avocado, orange, banana, pepper, ginger and more under a lush, old-growth forest.

Weight 12.00 oz


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