De Cecco Spaghetti n.12 (VSA0012)


About the Product
• Delicious organic long rod shaped pasta
• Perfect for your favorite pasta sauces
• No GMO, no trans fat, no saturated fat, no sugar added
• Kosher, organic
• Made in Italy


De Cecco® Guarantee.
Certified product.
STP-CE-PC-Agro 38.
No. Cert.141-2004.
De Cecco’s is the first pasta certified for the distinctive quality of many parameters such as:
High protein quality (gluten index above 70) to ensure the perfect firmness of pasta during cooking;
Use of high particle size (40% with diameter above 400 microns), to preserve the wholeness of the gluten;
Kneaded with cold water (under 15 degrees C), that assures a sweeter taste and a better firmness during cooking;
Slow and low temperature drying: for spaghetti shape above 18 hours, in order to preserve the natural characteristics of our semolina;
Coarse bronze drawing, to give pasta the ideal roughness that makes it adhere perfectly to sauces.

Weight 16.00 oz


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