Bigelow Black Tea Lemon Lift


Bigelow All Natural Lemon Lift® Black Tea.
America’s classic.
Family tea blenders since 1945.

About the Product
• A distinctive blend
• Antioxidant
• Gluten free
• No calories and no carbohydrates
• Premium Quality


Bigelow Tea Lemon Lift Tea has a refreshing flavor of lemon and spice. Sipped throughout the day, tea quenches, soothes, satisfies … and delivers healthful antioxidants. Bigelow has blended this tea with just the right amount of lemon and a dash of spice. It is deliciously refreshing hot or iced. 20 individually foil wrapped tea bags ber box. Hearty black tea is the fully oxidized leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Rich in flavor and antioxidants, Bigelow black teas naturally contain 30-60 mg caffeine — ¼ to ½ the amount found in coffee. From English Teatime to Pomegranate Green, Bigelow has many wonderful teas for you to enjoy. And, most importantly, each and every tea bag is overwrapped and sealed in a stay fresh foil packet so that all the goodness is protected until you get ready to have a cup of tea.


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